The Somax Kitchen Design Process

At Somax Kitchens, we believe in meticulous planning, thoughtful consideration, and outstanding design to create kitchens that seamlessly blend style and functionality. Led by owner and kitchen designer Toby Lister, our talented team is dedicated to guiding you through every step of the kitchen design journey.



Before your design appointment, please come and explore our kitchen showroom at Shackletons Home and Garden Centre near Clitheroe. Featuring three large room-sized Leicht kitchen displays with working Neff appliances, it provides a glimpse of the fabulous designs, build quality, and functionality awaiting your new kitchen. You can look around in a relaxed, non-pressurised environment.


You can choose to visit us at the showroom, we’ll come to you for a home consultation, or even a chat via a Skype meeting. At your design consultation, we will grow to understand your lifestyle, design preferences, cooking style, likes and dislikes, and guide you through the portfolio of products available from our partners, to craft a bespoke design tailored to you.


You can either provide us with architects plans of the space, including dimensions, doors, windows, and room heights. Or for a home consultation, we will make an in depth survey of the space, take a design brief from yourselves and get an idea of your budget in order to help us create a design perfectly suited to you.


Expect kitchen design expertise, a friendly approach, attentive listening, and creative ideas without a hard sell.


2. Initial Design and Quote - Bringing Dreams to Life

Guided by the information gleaned during your personal design consultation, we then use the very best, state-of-the-art CAD software to produce photo-realistic, 3D visuals and plans which really help to bring your new kitchen to life. Not everyone has the vision to appreciate what your new kitchen space will look like, so these are a superb tool to help you with this. Initially, we may keep the visuals slightly neutral in terms of colours in order to focus on the form and function of your new kitchen.

We’ll also produce a clear, easy-to-understand, but comprehensive quotation for your kitchen which we’ll discuss in detail at the showroom. If you require any building work, we generally tend to get the kitchen design process underway first and then introduce the building trades once we have a rough idea of what will be involved.

3. Personalisation - Details Make the Difference

During the design review at the showroom, we will then start the process of looking at the finer details such as colours, textures and finishes in conjunction with individual appliance specification, lighting, accessories and even flooring. Our kitchen design expertise makes this process enjoyable and stress-free.

3D Images

We use the very best CAD software to produce detailed photo-realistic visuals which really bring your new kitchen to life. Not everyone has the vision to appreciate what your new kitchen space will look like, so these are a superb tool to help you with this.

Scale Plans

Accurate plans with clear instructions for construction and installations. Once a layout is agreed, we’ll also produce a full M & E plan (Mechanical and Engineering plan) which details all of the electrical and plumbing requirements for your new kitchen.


We produce a clear, easy-to-understand but comprehensive quotation with no hidden surprises for your kitchen. If you require building work, we generally tend to produce the kitchen design first and then introduce the building trades once the kitchen design process is well underway.

4. Made to Order - Crafted for Lasting Excellence

It may take a number of amendments or redesigns to perfect your dream kitchen, this is perfectly normal and always part of our service to you. Once you’re 100% happy, then its time to pass the baton to the factory in Germany. In the meantime, we’ll produce accurate M & E plans (Mechanical and Engineering plans) which details all of the electrical and plumbing requirements for your new kitchen.

Leicht’s state of the art, Carbon Neutral manufacturing plant near Stuttgart will order the components for your kitchen, “just in time” meaning it holds no stock of cabinets as every order is totally bespoke. This ensures your totally unique, premium-quality kitchen is made to order and shipped to the UK in around six to eight weeks.

5. Installation - Expertise with Minimal Disruption

If you’re providing your own builders, then we’ll work with them, meeting as and when required in order to make the process as seamless as possible. Alternatively, you may have asked us to do the building work, either way, the process will generally run as follows:

Phase 1: Preparation

(7-17 days depending on scope of work)

Stripping out your existing kitchens, making any alterations, and preparing the room for the new kitchen. This may involve new electrical and plumbing supplies, replastering, new flooring, decorating etc.

Phase 2: Kitchen Installation

(5-14 days depending on size)

Fitting the kitchen cabinets and appliances. Towards the end of this phase, the worktop templates are then taken from which your worktops are manufactured by our suppliers.

Phase 3: Worktop Installation & Final Fix

(1 day – the week following phase 2)

Installation of the worktops takes place around 1 week after the templates were taken. Our fitter will then attend to the final details of the installation.

Phase 4: Enjoy

Your dream kitchen is ready for you to enjoy. Our team is just a call away if you have any questions or need a lesson on using your new appliances.

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