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Discover the legacy of Quooker, the pioneering family firm that introduced the world's very first boiling-water tap in 1970. Founded on enthusiasm and entrepreneurship, Quooker's innovative products have become indispensable tools in kitchens worldwide, showcasing the enduring pride of founder Henri Peteri.

Innovations Around the Sink

Quooker’s legacy includes groundbreaking inventions such as the high-vacuum insulated tank, the revolutionary all-in-one taps like Quooker Fusion and Flex. Their commitment to innovation ‘around the sink’ continues to drive a daily revolution in kitchen functionality.

Care for People and the Planet

Quooker acknowledges the importance of sustainability in today’s world. A Quooker, whether a 3-in-1 tap, separate boiling-water tap or the amazing CUBE with its chilled, filtered and sparkling water options, represents a conscious and sustainable purchase. Beyond the luxury of drawing boiling, chilled, or sparkling water from the tap, Quooker is designed to save energy and resources.

Quooker Taps at Somax Kitchens

As proud suppliers of Quooker taps in the North West, Somax Kitchens ensures that no kitchen is complete without this essential accessory. Quooker taps eliminate the need to wait for the kettle, offering convenience and elegance in your drink preparation, boiling vegetables, pasta, or cleaning pans, even sterilising your baby’s bottles

Introducing the Quooker Flex

The innovative Quooker Flex tap takes convenience to new heights. Equipped with a flexible pull out hose for hot and coldwater, the Flex ensures modern, sleek kitchen designs without compromising functionality. This boiling-water tap with a flexible pull-out hose makes tasks such as washing vegetables or filling vases a breeze, reaching even the hard-to-reach corners. Safety is paramount, and the supply of boiling water is stopped when using the pull out hose which ensures safety.

Quooker Tanks – Energy Efficient Instant Boiling Water

The Quooker Pro3 is a powerhouse in providing 100°C boiling water in an instant. With a 3-litre tank capacity, this energy-efficient solution ensures you have a constant supply of boiling water, eliminating the need for a kettle and making your kitchen more eco-friendly. This tank is ideal for most family homes.

The Quooker PRO 7 tanks sit neatly under your kitchen sink, providing instant 100°C boiling water on demand for very large families or semi-professional cooks who may want the larger capacity 7 litre PRO7. This tank is also ideal for use in offices where high demand requires the larger capacity tank making a cup of tea a quick and time efficient process.

The COMBI tank is the perfect solution for any household where hot water from your boiler or water cylinder takes too long. Drawing hot water long distances from your boiler or cylinder is an infuriating waste of time and highly inefficient as many litres of hot water are then left in the pipework to go cold. The COMBI tank, mixes boiling water from your Quooker, with cold water to provide either 7 litres of instant boiling water or 15 litres of hot water (60°C) all from a cold feed.

Quooker Cube – Chilled and Sparkling Water at Your Fingertips

Enhance your beverage experience with the Quooker Cube, a perfect addition to your Quooker system. The addition of the CUBEy provides chilled, filtered and chilled filtered sparkling water, all out of the same tap as your hot, cold and boiling water offering a refreshing twist to your daily hydration routine.The CUBE can be installed at the bottom of the kitchen cabinet next to your current Quooker tank. It includes a filter that removes pesticides, bacteria and impurities from the water. The CUBE provides filtered chilled and sparkling water, meaning you no longer need to buy water in plastic bottles. To dispense sparkling water, a Quooker CO₂ cylinder must be connected to the CUBE.

Quooker Boiling Water Tap – Safe and Childproof Design

Safety is paramount with Quooker. The control of the boiling-water tap is totally separate to the standard tap, making it safe to use in households with little ones. The spout is also double walled, meaning the outside of the tap never gets hot. The flow of boiling water is also aerated, meaning little pockets of air in the flow of water will help protect you too. The tap can also be combined with a water filter or scale control for longevity and safe water supply, ensuring peace of mind for all users.

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